Brits Reputation

Whilst in Andorra snowboarding* for a week, I found that it was my fellow Brits who were the most annoying.

It was a Brit who decided to leave his board in the middle of the learners’ hill. After my gf’s polite request that it was moved to the side, and my subsequent equally polite request likewise, it was he who decided to try and intimidate and patronise me.

It was a British (skier**) who was convinced that I hadn’t looked uphill before standing up, and wouldn’t believe me when explained otherwise, and, despite acknowledging it, didn’t see the relevance of the fact that she had plenty of room.

It was the Brits in the restaurants who were obnoxious.

Why is it that Brits Abroad are such wankers?

*- I am a web developer after all.
**- that’s another topic…

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