My Projects

The various projects I have entertained myself with include:


I’ve built a Quadcopter / Multicopter / Drone, and will one day put FPV on it.

Raspberry Pi

One is using the PiNoir Camera to become a simple low-power webcam. The other is tracking the temperature in my daughter’s nursery.

The Sketchup Components Collections

It all came about after seeing the burgeoning interest in using SketchUp to design and model custom-build PCs – the hobby (and now profession to some) called ‘modding’.

At first I just started a thread in the forums, but it quickly became disorganised and it was difficult to actually find the components. It was suggested that they be better organised, and I figured I should have a go at just that.

It started as an Access/ASP mess of code, but I then had to move host. The SCC is now a MySQL/PHP mess of code instead, though it does get the occasional tidy.

There are now more than 600 items.

Carbon Emitters Map

(moved to my personal space for posterity)

I created a Google-Maps “mashup” for Carbon360 Ltd (now sadly gone). Using official data from the DTI it dynamically shows the top 20 carbon dioxide emitters in the visible area. (There are ~1070 emitters in the UK registered under the EUETS.)
This project interfaces with the JavaScript API and includes AJAX calls to a PHP file I wrote which returns XML taken from a MySQL database which was populated with addresses converted to long/lat coordinates from another DB.

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