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You’re Too Fat

I Beat AnorexiaThe BBC is today reporting on the suggestion that ‘Plus-Size’ clothes tags should include [tag]obesity[/tag] help-line numbers.

I agree – it’s a fact that many ‘heavy’ people are [tag]fat[/tag] because of lack of will-power (rather than any of the rare relevant medical condition), and every encouragement guilt-inducing-method should be used to help them.
Call me insensitive if you like, but there are many many people who are consciously [tag]self-harm[/tag]ing by smoking, binge-drinking and eating crap [tag]food[/tag].
It’s another fact that the [tag]NHS[/tag] is not able to cope with the increasing numbers of [tag]overweight[/tag] people.

Large size clothes ought to be taxed as are cigarettes and alcohol and for the same reason – the associated unhealthy habits/lifestyle cost us, the tax payers, unfathomable amounts each year. It will be argued that large clothes are not the cause and so the tax is unfair, but taxing food will affect everyone more or less equally unless we go into the minefield of taxing only unhealthy foods.

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I think the government should spend more time educating people on the damages these things do to people rather than taxing the life out of everyone. We could tax McDonalds etc but that does little for those who are healthy and fancy a take out, we could tax clothing – but really do we want really fat people walking around naked in protest? and where does the line get drawn, after 14 stone your too fat and need fat-tax? We could tax health care for fat people -again the problem of where to draw the line and would we let them die because they do not want to/can’t pay for health care?

Really I think that you need to think of another way than taxing.

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