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  • Going Mac – Part 3

    So it seems I’m not going back. I still use a Windows machine for the family PC, but here I am on another MacBook Pro for work. Install Brew with this Then save the following as a Brew bundle file, `Brewfile` and run brew bundle.

  • Going Mac – Part 2

    In a follow up to my previous posts, I’m updating my list of brew installs, and have discovered the bundle subcommand. Here’s my Brewfile:

  • Form Validation Errors – don’t embarrass your users

    Form Validation Errors – don’t embarrass your users

    Does it seem fair to scold the user for the errors they make while filling in a form? Are they even “errors”? The term “Error” and the usual associated red colouring is remarkably negative. Almost like accusing the user of spilling blood by making a typo or misunderstanding a field’s intended purpose. Okay, perhaps that’s…

  • How To Upload Video From Google Photos To YouTube

    Because Google apparently hate their users (including paying customers), it’s no longer possible to upload videos directly from their own service to their own service, but you can share from the app to YouTube. So while it automatically uploads (backs up) to their servers, you will have to endure a slow concurrent upload…

  • Catharsis – the release of frustration or a dangerous trap?

    Catharsis – the release of frustration or a dangerous trap?

    How many times have you complained about something and felt better afterwards? At least once a week probably. A problem shared is a problem halved, right?

  • How to change notification sounds per app

    There are many articles online explaining how to change the default notification sound, but I found it hard to find one which explains how to do it for individual / specific apps. There are many articles which simply (and unhelpfully) say that the app should have its own settings, so for those that don’t, here’s…

  • The NatWest Card Reader, part deux (I didn’t change banks)

    My last post on the subject (a fraction over 10 years ago!) garnered a lot of comments for what was essentially just a rant, and it turned out to be somewhat unfounded and sensationalistic. I’m still with NatWest, their online banking is still very good and their app is the best, and I’ve rarely had to…

  • Going Mac – Part 1

    Part of documenting my transition to web dev on Mac is to record what needs to be set up  & configured. Should things ever go awry, this post could be a shortcut to getting back to a work-ready state.   Apps etc installed The following needed to be installed manually. Xcode – via AppStore PHPStorm…

  • Going Mac – Part 0

    I’ll soon be starting a new job,  still in web development (as I have been for disturbingly more than a decade), though this time it’ll be in-house and for a huge company. I’ve been persuaded to go over to what I’ve long considered the dark side; Apple. I still don’t believe I’ll ever pay for…

  • WordPress config snippet for dynamic domains

    Quite why this isn’t how WordPress works by default, I’ll probably never know. $domain = ‘http’ . (false ? ‘s’ : ”) . ‘://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]; define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, $domain ); define( ‘WP_HOME’, $domain ); If anything, this snippet is for my own reference. Prevents redirects on development / staging sites without changing the wp-config.php