Tag: SketchUp

  • SUWiki

    Regulars to the SCC will probably be interested to learn of a new wiki for SketchUp. It already has a fair bit of content, including a little from me, so if you need to know anything about SketchUp have a look at SUWiki.

  • Google SketchUp (free)

    Google (who recently bought SketchUp) have split it into two products. There is now the free version ‘Google SketchUp‘, and SketchUp Pro. The more important part of the news release, as far as I’m concerned, is the 3D Warehouse, a user-contributed collection of SU components – essentially a direct competitor to my SketchUp Components Collection.…

  • Google buys @Last (SketchUp)

    Official Google Blog: A new home for @Last Software Why is this relevant to me? I’m on @Last Google’s partners page!