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  • Recursive Word of the Moment

    vituperate vī-ˈtü-pə-ˌrāt verb To overwhelm with wordy abuse

  • ‘Groovy Dancing Girl’ Video

    Awesome, great music too. EDIT:

  • Conning The Conmen

    BBC Three‘s Conning the Conmen was on late on Thursday night, and a pre-watershed version will be shown on Wednesday at 2030. Strengths General Concept – revenge, even if only on a representative of the people we dislike, is bound to appeal to many. Becca – Her first work in front of the camera is…

  • Deviance

    Deviance is both admired and admonished, desired and deplored. While growing up deviance is bad: “don’t break the rules” and good: “don’t succumb to peer-pressure”. During your career deviance is good: “think outside the box” and bad: “you must follow protocol”. So why is the word deviant so often assumed to mean criminal?

  • Browser Wars (not much fighting)

    Having created the new Saints site, I have access to the visitor [tag]statistics[/tag]. I was surprised to see that over the first 9 days (27,682 visits, 10.6GB) 92.2% were using [tag]Internet Explorer[/tag], and I was more surprised to see that ~57% of those were still using IE6. So more than half of all visitors are…

  • BA drops ban on wearing crosses

    BA has announced that it has changed its rules regarding [tag]religious[/tag] items its staff can wear. As with many [tag]rules[/tag] and [tag]law[/tag]s, problems only appeared because they were far too specific. English law has the benefit of the word ‘reasonable’, allowing sensible flexible rules. Had their rules simply said “non-uniform [tag]cultural[/tag] and religious [tag]jewellery[/tag] and…

  • The IT Crowd

    … is to return! Originally Posted by Graham Linehan Series 2: Hopefully we’ll be on air round about/just after summer. And thank you! Good to know there’s people waiting for it. I’ll try not to let you down. Watching the first series, and hearing the criticism it received, made me think that it was unpopular…

  • Microsoft could save 45 million tons of CO2 emissions

    Microsoft could save 45 million tons of CO2 emissions with a few lines of computer code, need I say more? [tags]MS, Microsoft, CO2, emisssions, kyoto, abatement[/tags]

  • Neglect

    I’ve been neglecting this blog. The main reason is maybe because I’ve lost a lot of my time freedom by going and getting a real have to commute to the office and work regular hours job. But it could also be because I’ve not had much to talk about. Which in turn could be because…