Browser Wars (not much fighting)

Having created the new Saints site, I have access to the visitor [tag]statistics[/tag].
I was surprised to see that over the first 9 days (27,682 visits, 10.6GB) 92.2% were using [tag]Internet Explorer[/tag], and I was more surprised to see that ~57% of those were still using IE6.

So more than half of all visitors are using IE6, the now very outdated [tag]browser[/tag], despite IE7 being a critical update.
Do these people not have Automatic Updates on? Or are they all using pirated versions of XP?

Sadly (imho), only 5.7% were using [tag]Firefox[/tag], and just 2% were using non-Windows Operating Systems.

My SketchUp site, the SCC, has a very different browser profile: 50.12% use IE (63% v6, 36% v7) and 43% use Firefox.


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