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WordPress config snippet for dynamic domains

Quite why this isn’t how WordPress works by default, I’ll probably never know. $domain = ‘http’ . (false ? ‘s’ : ”) . ‘://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]; define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, $domain ); define( ‘WP_HOME’, $domain ); If anything, this snippet is for my own reference. Prevents redirects on development / staging sites without changing the wp-config.php


Google Sheets Formula – show an age from a DOB

I couldn’t find a decent formula to show an age from a Date Of Birth, so I wrote this: =CONCAT(FLOOR((TODAY() – B2)/365),CONCAT(“y “,CONCAT(FLOOR((((TODAY() – B2)/365) – FLOOR(((TODAY() – B2)/365))) * 12), “m”))) Shows an age in years and months; e.g. “10y 6m”.

Opinion Reviews

Recommended: was recommended to me by the estate agent who advertised the house we’re moving to in August. After registering, for free (though I would pay for the service), you select the organisations you need to notify from a large, categorised list, and provide your account number (or whatever detail is appropriate). You can then […]

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Firefox 3 to break Zoom (Edit: I’m mistaken)

Mozilla is about the make a big mistake, the same as that made by IE7. Zooming the whole page is not a good idea. Current Firefox text-only zoom on the left, IE7 on the right. Using the current Fx way you can easily read the text without having to scroll sideways, but the new way […]

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BBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery

The BBC Beta Homepage is using jQuery, but unfortunately it’s ugly. I should qualify that – I think it’s a good move to make the homepage more personalisable, but does it have to look so Web2.0? Big text was a fad a year ago, but it’s too informal for an internationally recognised and respected news […]