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  • Going Mac – Part 3

    So it seems I’m not going back. I still use a Windows machine for the family PC, but here I am on another MacBook Pro for work. Install Brew with this Then save the following as a Brew bundle file, `Brewfile` and run brew bundle.

  • Going Mac – Part 2

    In a follow up to my previous posts, I’m updating my list of brew installs, and have discovered the bundle subcommand. Here’s my Brewfile:

  • Going Mac – Part 1

    Part of documenting my transition to web dev on Mac is to record what needs to be set up  & configured. Should things ever go awry, this post could be a shortcut to getting back to a work-ready state.   Apps etc installed The following needed to be installed manually. Xcode – via AppStore PHPStorm…

  • Going Mac – Part 0

    I’ll soon be starting a new job,  still in web development (as I have been for disturbingly more than a decade), though this time it’ll be in-house and for a huge company. I’ve been persuaded to go over to what I’ve long considered the dark side; Apple. I still don’t believe I’ll ever pay for…

  • WordPress config snippet for dynamic domains

    Quite why this isn’t how WordPress works by default, I’ll probably never know. $domain = ‘http’ . (false ? ‘s’ : ”) . ‘://’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]; define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, $domain ); define( ‘WP_HOME’, $domain ); If anything, this snippet is for my own reference. Prevents redirects on development / staging sites without changing the wp-config.php

  • Google Sheets Formula – show an age from a DOB

    I couldn’t find a decent formula to show an age from a Date Of Birth, so I wrote this: =CONCAT(FLOOR((TODAY() – B2)/365),CONCAT(“y “,CONCAT(FLOOR((((TODAY() – B2)/365) – FLOOR(((TODAY() – B2)/365))) * 12), “m”))) Shows an age in years and months; e.g. “10y 6m”.

  • Regex to split “){” to two lines, retaining indenting

    I was quite proud to come up with this, so here’s my first blog post for a while: Search: ^([^\S\n]*)(.+))\s*{ Replace: $1$2)\n$1{ and as a bonus: ^([^\S\n]*)}\s*else\s*{ $1}\n$1else\n$1{ NB (2013-09): it seems that the escaping slashes in this post were lost  at some point, I’ve put them back, but not tested!

  • CSS3: Rounded Table Corners (No images)

    You cannot give a whole table (<table>) rounded corners using CSS, browsers will ignore it, you must round the corners of the cells (<td>) inside. The following uses CSS2 selectors (:first-child etc) and CSS3’s corner-rounding border-radius to selectively round the outer corners of the cells in the corners. This will work for any size table.…

  • PHP Bug: json_encode() misleading warning on object with private properties

    I have found a peculiar issue with PHP’s json_encode() function. If you have an instance object with private properties and use json_encode() it will give you a very misleading warning. class ExampleObject { private $privateProperty; … } $obj = new ExampleObject(); json_encode($obj); results in Warning: json_encode() … recursion detected … There are two workarounds in…

  • BBC Homepage Beta Using jQuery

    The BBC Beta Homepage is using jQuery, but unfortunately it’s ugly. I should qualify that – I think it’s a good move to make the homepage more personalisable, but does it have to look so Web2.0? Big text was a fad a year ago, but it’s too informal for an internationally recognised and respected news…