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  • Going Mac – Part 4

    Set up from scratch It’s silly how many settings aren’t sync’d to one’s Apple account. MacOS install TBF, this part would be more difficult to arrange since you’d have to log in. MacOS settings Installs JetBrains GitKraken Appearance Alfred

  • Going Mac – Part 3

    So it seems I’m not going back. I still use a Windows machine for the family PC, but here I am on another MacBook Pro for work. Install Brew with this Then save the following as a Brew bundle file, `Brewfile` and run brew bundle. Install Oh My Zsh with Aliases to add to the…

  • Going Mac – Part 2

    In a follow up to my previous posts, I’m updating my list of brew installs, and have discovered the bundle subcommand. Here’s my Brewfile:

  • Going Mac – Part 1

    Part of documenting my transition to web dev on Mac is to record what needs to be set up  & configured. Should things ever go awry, this post could be a shortcut to getting back to a work-ready state.   Apps etc installed The following needed to be installed manually. Xcode – via AppStore PHPStorm…

  • Going Mac – Part 0

    I’ll soon be starting a new job,  still in web development (as I have been for disturbingly more than a decade), though this time it’ll be in-house and for a huge company. I’ve been persuaded to go over to what I’ve long considered the dark side; Apple. I still don’t believe I’ll ever pay for…

  • WordPress config snippet for dynamic domains

    Quite why this isn’t how WordPress works by default, I’ll probably never know. If anything, this snippet is for my own reference. Prevents redirects on development / staging sites without changing the wp-config.php

  • Google Sheets Formula – show an age from a DOB

    I couldn’t find a decent formula to show an age from a Date Of Birth, so I wrote this: =CONCAT(FLOOR((TODAY() – B2)/365),CONCAT(“y “,CONCAT(FLOOR((((TODAY() – B2)/365) – FLOOR(((TODAY() – B2)/365))) * 12), “m”))) Shows an age in years and months; e.g. “10y 6m”.

  • Regex to split “){” to two lines, retaining indenting

    I was quite proud to come up with this, so here’s my first blog post for a while: Search: ^([^\S\n]*)(.+))\s*{ Replace: $1$2)\n$1{ and as a bonus: ^([^\S\n]*)}\s*else\s*{ $1}\n$1else\n$1{ NB (2013-09): it seems that the escaping slashes in this post were lost  at some point, I’ve put them back, but not tested!

  • CSS3: Rounded Table Corners (No images)

    You cannot give a whole table (<table>) rounded corners using CSS, browsers will ignore it, you must round the corners of the cells (<td>) inside. The following uses CSS2 selectors (:first-child etc) and CSS3’s corner-rounding border-radius to selectively round the outer corners of the cells in the corners. This will work for any size table.…

  • PHP Bug: json_encode() misleading warning on object with private properties

    I have found a peculiar issue with PHP’s json_encode() function. If you have an instance object with private properties and use json_encode() it will give you a very misleading warning. class ExampleObject { private $privateProperty; … } $obj = new ExampleObject(); json_encode($obj); results in Warning: json_encode() … recursion detected … There are two workarounds in…