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  • Going Mac – Part 4

    Set up from scratch It’s silly how many settings aren’t sync’d to one’s Apple account. MacOS install TBF, this part would be more difficult to arrange since you’d have to log in. MacOS settings Installs JetBrains GitKraken Appearance Alfred

  • Going Mac – Part 3

    So it seems I’m not going back. I still use a Windows machine for the family PC, but here I am on another MacBook Pro for work. Install Brew with this Then save the following as a Brew bundle file, `Brewfile` and run brew bundle. Install Oh My Zsh with Aliases to add to the…

  • Going Mac – Part 2

    In a follow up to my previous posts, I’m updating my list of brew installs, and have discovered the bundle subcommand. Here’s my Brewfile:

  • How To Upload Video From Google Photos To YouTube

    Because Google apparently hate their users (including paying customers), it’s no longer possible to upload videos directly from their own service to their own service, but you can share from the app to YouTube. So while it automatically uploads (backs up) to their servers, you will have to endure a slow concurrent upload…

  • How to change notification sounds per app

    There are many articles online explaining how to change the default notification sound, but I found it hard to find one which explains how to do it for individual / specific apps. There are many articles which simply (and unhelpfully) say that the app should have its own settings, so for those that don’t, here’s…

  • Regex to split “){” to two lines, retaining indenting

    I was quite proud to come up with this, so here’s my first blog post for a while: Search: ^([^\S\n]*)(.+))\s*{ Replace: $1$2)\n$1{ and as a bonus: ^([^\S\n]*)}\s*else\s*{ $1}\n$1else\n$1{ NB (2013-09): it seems that the escaping slashes in this post were lost  at some point, I’ve put them back, but not tested!

  • JavaScript Bug – Modulo of small numbers

    It seems that there is a problem with the modulo function, ‘%’, in JavaScript. For example: 10 % 0.1 should equate to zero but comes out as 0.09999999999999945 probably due to some internal floating-point rounding errors. Easy solution (a hack really): Multiply both numbers by 1000 before using the modulo function.

  • IE7 Tip – Reload

    When IE7 was designed they took the peculiar decision to split the navigation buttons into three places (if you include the home button). If you find yourself up in the top left wanting to reload, just click the drop-down button and select the current page (will be highlighted and have a tick-mark on the left),…

  • Firefox Tip

    I discovered yesterday that [tag]bookmarks[/tag] in [tag]Firefox[/tag] can have no name. Seems pointless? Not if the sites have [tag]favicons[/tag]: Space saving, so you can see more, hence fewer clicks. The above are, The Sketchup Components Collection, bit-tech, ebay, amazon, and the default icon (for a site with no [tag]favicon[/tag]), but you knew that…