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  • Going Mac – Part 3

    So it seems I’m not going back. I still use a Windows machine for the family PC, but here I am on another MacBook Pro for work. Install Brew with this Then save the following as a Brew bundle file, `Brewfile` and run brew bundle.

  • Going Mac – Part 2

    In a follow up to my previous posts, I’m updating my list of brew installs, and have discovered the bundle subcommand. Here’s my Brewfile:

  • Going Mac – Part 1

    Part of documenting my transition to web dev on Mac is to record what needs to be set up ¬†& configured. Should things ever go awry, this post could be a shortcut to getting back to a work-ready state.   Apps etc installed The following needed to be installed manually. Xcode – via AppStore PHPStorm…

  • Going Mac – Part 0

    I’ll soon be starting a new job, ¬†still in web development (as I have been for disturbingly more than a decade), though this time it’ll be in-house and for a huge company. I’ve been persuaded to go over to what I’ve long considered the dark side; Apple. I still don’t believe I’ll ever pay for…

  • 10/GUI This is as much an HCI concept as it is about the GUI. I think a multitouch pad would be great. 5 fingers, i.e. one hand, would be plenty though, and having one hand remaining on the keyboard allows for faster resumption of typing long text. My HTPC keyboard already has a simple multi-touch…