Recommended: was recommended to me by the estate agent who advertised the house we’re moving to in August.

After registering, for free (though I would pay for the service), you select the organisations you need to notify from a large, categorised list, and provide your account number (or whatever detail is appropriate).

You can then send each message individually, or send them all at once.

Unfortunately, some companies still require that age-old ink on paper malarkey. In these cases, a preformatted letter is made available to print. is ‘in association with Royal Mail’, which makes sense because it could save them from thousands of undeliverable/redirected letters.


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  1. Rita avatar

    Brilliant site, used them when moved house. Think it is part of http://www.Helpiammoving and found them through this service. Got me organised for my move, found a really good removal company via them aswell and found their advice really helpful as haven’t moved in over 15 years. Even got my boxes from them, which arrived the next day. Did call as had questions re sizes and found them really polite, knowledgable and nothing was too much trouble. Another great service Helpineedboxes

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