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  • Firefox still has memory leak issue?

    I had to kill Firefox earlier today after noticing that it was using around 750MB of memory! It hung when I tried to close it normally, but perhaps I was just impatient. This time I’m going to give it the benefit of doubt and blame some crappy Flash advert or something.

  • Firefox 3 to break Zoom (Edit: I’m mistaken)

    Mozilla is about the make a big mistake, the same as that made by IE7. Zooming the whole page is not a good idea. Current Firefox text-only zoom on the left, IE7 on the right. Using the current Fx way you can easily read the text without having to scroll sideways, but the new way…

  • Firefox Tip

    I discovered yesterday that [tag]bookmarks[/tag] in [tag]Firefox[/tag] can have no name. Seems pointless? Not if the sites have [tag]favicons[/tag]: Space saving, so you can see more, hence fewer clicks. The above are jazzle.co.uk, The Sketchup Components Collection, bit-tech, ebay, amazon, radiotimes.com and the default icon (for a site with no [tag]favicon[/tag]), but you knew that…