Daniel Craig, Actor

Apparently, [tag]Daniel Craig[/tag] (now of [tag]James Bond[/tag] Fame of course), was initially reluctant to take the role of [tag]007[/tag].

…he was understandably reluctant to give up a versatile career to camp it up as British super-spy James Bond – a role not typically associated with serious actors.

Ha! He was in Tomb Raider for goodness sake!


2 responses to “Daniel Craig, Actor”

  1. He was also in Layer Cake, which is a very good film…

  2. He was also in Munich which I thought was a powerful film.

    So far, the reviews for James Bond look good.

    What is a little annoying is the trailer for the film .. it’s the same damned clip over & over again!

    I’m assuming they’ve got the rest embargoed or summat…

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