Net Neutrality Threatened

Update: As reported by the BBC:

“US politicians have rejected attempts to enshrine the principle of net neutrality in legislation.”

Google themselves are asking for people to petition against a bill going through US courts:

In the next few days, the House of Representatives is going to vote on a bill that would fundamentally alter the Internet. That bill, and one that may come up for a key vote in the Senate in the next few weeks, would give the big phone and cable companies the power to pick and choose what you will be able to see and do on the Internet.

Today the Internet is an information highway where anybody – no matter how large or small, how traditional or unconventional – has equal access. But the phone and cable monopolies, who control almost all Internet access, want the power to choose who gets access to high-speed lanes and whose content gets seen first and fastest. They want to build a two-tiered system and block the on-ramps for those who can’t pay.

Hopefully, the proposal won’t go anywhere, but if it does it threatens to have wide reaching impacts including over this side of the pond.

If it does, then what sort of prices are going to be charged, and how will content be rated. Will individual sites have to lobby to be included in the high priority lanes, will they have to pay?
ISPs are already the winners on the ‘net, shouldn’t we be looking for ways to increase availability to remote users rather than limited those who are already limited?


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  1. It seems that Google is playing a game of twisted words. The legislation in fact is something that Google and the Save the Internet campaigns are actually in support of.

    I work for the Hands Off the Internet coalition, which, as you might imagine, is campaigning to stop this bill from passing to prevent government interference in the internet.

    Check out our coalition’s flash animation for our side of the story.

  2. I didn’t know that ISPs owned the Internet?!! Who do they think they are?

    I don’t think it’ll go anywhere tbh. There will be some ISPs who will sprout up to provide people with the “proper” Internet.

    Anyway, I’m sure there is also some Human Rights law out there somewhere that’ll help sort this out (for us anyway) – they’ve got them for everything else!!

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