Scientology Is A Cult

I just wanted to use the word ‘[tag]cult[/tag]’ it since it enrages them so.

Religions generally preach peace, forgiveness, etc., yet it appears [tag]Scientology[/tag] is all about brain-washing, coercion, and the elimination of anyone who even considers any contrary beliefs.

How anyone can defend such behaviour is beyond me.

I am glad to learn that its requests to be recognised as a [tag]religion[/tag] here in the [tag]UK[/tag] have been rejected, but am concerned that it could still happen.


3 responses to “Scientology Is A Cult”

  1. I don’t think that Tommy guy did them any favours – and the constant stalking was unbelievable. Very strange. Like you say, I’m glad it’s not recognised as a religion – but it will be interesting – and quite scary – to see how it develops – especially if everyone acts in the same manner as Tommy Davis.

  2. It will never happen, the BBC doesnt like them so it will keep up the media pressure!

  3. I’m surprised that you think that the BBC has such clout. It seems to me that this country’s majority are more aligned to ITV and the tabloids.

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