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  • PHP Bug: json_encode() misleading warning on object with private properties

    I have found a peculiar issue with PHP’s json_encode() function. If you have an instance object with private properties and use json_encode() it will give you a very misleading warning. class ExampleObject { private $privateProperty; … } $obj = new ExampleObject(); json_encode($obj); results in Warning: json_encode() … recursion detected … There are two workarounds in…

  • JavaScript Bug – Modulo of small numbers

    It seems that there is a problem with the modulo function, ‘%’, in JavaScript. For example: 10 % 0.1 should equate to zero but comes out as 0.09999999999999945 probably due to some internal floating-point rounding errors. Easy solution (a hack really): Multiply both numbers by 1000 before using the modulo function.