Blogosphere Could Change

I genuinely believe that the oddly (and uncatchily) named Real Time Matrix and/or similar services could significantly affect [tag]online[/tag] publishing.

While aggregation and [tag]blog-search[/tag] aren’t new, services like this could change the dynamics of the [tag]blogosphere[/tag] – the big guys might find themselves getting less traffic as the smaller sites get more attention, and hopefully there will be less of the echoing effect recently discussed.

There could also be negative effects – the more underhanded [tag]blog[/tag]s could try and cheat the system, in much the same way as [tag]keyword spam[/tag]ming affected early search engines.
What else could change? What else do we want/need?


One response to “Blogosphere Could Change”

  1. There’s no doubting that personalised, localised search content and content in general, is the way forward.

    I suppose in a way, it’s ironic that the big players might be caught on the back foot, but I doubt it. There’s always room in any set of rules for money to buy a bigger, better audience.

    But what this do is give the little guys a chance…

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