Christmas Is Coming (Apparently)

Well, I’ve received my first [tag]Christmas[/tag] catalogue.

I’m unwilling to accept even the arrival of the autumn, let alone winter. (Maybe it’s [tag]global warming[/tag]…)

To be fair, the RNLI catalogue wasn’t purely Christmassy, but it does have ‘snowy morning’ 1000-piece puzzles and mulled wine whisk sets.

Is it too early to even mention the ‘[tag]holiday season[/tag]’?
Or is there harm in it? Does it devalue ‘the meaning of Christmas’, making it more and more about [tag]materialism[/tag]?

Are ‘Seasonal Products’ made available ahead of time for those who can’t afford it any other way? Or are those people simply lacking in [tag]will power[/tag], or the ability to simply save money?

UPDATE: I have since received the actual Christmas catalogue from the RNLI, nearly 3 month early!


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