Run away from Dogma

Lifehack: 10 MORE ways to create a breakthrough in your life.

Run away from any kind of dogma. Dogma is the product of a closed mind. It’s an idea with a threat attached. If you suffer from dogma, get it out of your life. Let it go. Kick it out. Try thinking the opposite. Treat it like a crazy joke. Do anything you can to get rid of it. It’s the greatest source of barriers to breakthrough.

I was surprised (and happy) to see an American openly recommending avoiding religion, even if he did include it as part of a greater collection. I then read that the author, Adrian Savage, is in fact an Englishman.

He’s right though – traditions often stand in the way of innovation, and what’s more traditional than religion?


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  1. fraser avatar

    you need to read ‘the god delusion’ by richard dawkins. its a great book and reafirms what i suspect the majority of people (in the uk at least) believe and feel about religion today. dawkins makes many great arguments as to religions detremental and corrosive effect on modern society and puts forward the case that atheism should not be seen as a passive position like agnosticism but a force to actively discourage religion. if you havent read it, youd love it jez.

  2. Thanks Fraser.
    I have preordered the book for when it comes out in paperback.

  3. I got the book in the post yesterday, will have to make an effort to actually read it soon. (I have two other books I should have read by now, waiting for me by the side of the bed…)

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